Training Services

Shoalhaven Design School offers personalised training to cater for individual, team or business needs. We deliver targeted training that is current, efficient and designed to improve skills and achieve goals.

We are passionate about delivering specialist training to individuals and businesses of the Shoalhaven.

Group or Workplace Training

Shoalhaven Design School offers group or training ‘in-house’, where we come to your workplace to delivered stylised and specialised training that is catered to meet the needs of you and your team. We work closely with you and your organisation to design and deliver training that will fulfil the needs of the business and it’s employees – all in the comfort of your own office.

One-to-One Training

We offer one-to-one training where you receive tuition on exactly what you want and when you want it! This type of training will enable you to focus on what matters the most to you and what you want to achieve. Whether it’s setting up or designing your own personal website or designing promotional fliers, complex office documents or learning new software, the Shoalhaven Design School’s one-to-one training can help you!

Need More Information?

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We usually respond within 24 hours.

Can’t believe how easy it was! It’s amazing how easy something is in Photoshop when you’re shown. You’re the best! Steven White, ABC Journalist

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I asked Luise to create options for branding and design for several of my business ventures. The process was highly interactive and engaging  – Luise is very customer and outcome focused, always ensuring I was ‘on board’ with the creative process. In that regard I always felt engaged and had a sense of ownership right… Continue reading THE PROCESS WAS HIGHLY INTERACTIVE & ENGAGING


Your approach is both professional and friendly. You were accessible and supportive. Very knowledgeable. Attuned to my needs. I ended up with a new friend 😁 but besides that I have more confidence. You encouraged me to believe in myself. To go that one step further. There are things I would never have done had… Continue reading I ended up with a new friend 😁 but besides that I have more confidence!

I ended up with a new friend 😁 but besides that I have more confidence!

Always enthusiastic and happy to share her knowledge – Anna Glynn, Mulitmedia Artist.

Always enthusiastic and happy to share knowledge!

Just opened my business cards….very happy with them. Thanks to all your help! Janelle McCowatt, Owner Bas To Basics

Thanks to all your help

Luise is an excellent, highly qualified and friendly teacher who genuinely enjoys helping others reach their potential. Luise is also a key figure in Aether Industries’ existence. She helped me to land my first job in web development – for which I’m very grateful! Brett from Aether Industries

I’m very grateful!

I just designed my new fabric for a 40 metre roll in Illustrator. It worked! Am so excited! It’s perfect! Thank You for your wonderful instructions and notes. Deb from

Thank You for your wonderful instructions and notes