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A Taunt With Typography

Has Sarah Jessica Parker got it wrong?
Take a look at the recent ad campaign for SJP’s new perfume ‘Unspoken’.

The perfume bottle has an expensive look because it has the look and feel of gold. Gold symbolises extravagance, wealth and excess.

Then there’s the loosely hand written perfume name. The name is black, bold and appears loosely written or rushed. It looks as though SJP grabbed the nearest writing implement and scribbled a name on a napkin over a latte and went with that.

You might argue that the hand writing is popular in design today, but is this where SJP got it wrong or has she purposely gone against design rules to cause friction and grab attention?

If you think about gold and what it portrays, then you apply this to the hand written font used in the perfume name – what do you feel? Do you see the polar opposites?

There is a mismatch between the look and feel of the perfume bottle and it’s hand written font. One says sleek, prestige and importance. The other says grunge, casual and informal.

What do you think?

When designing your next label, flyer or brochure, give some thought to how the typography relates to all other elements within the design. Think about how the font speaks to the message and the feelings you are trying to convey.

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