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The ‘Shoalhaven Design School’ Nowra is celebrating one year of operation with the release of a new “Design Health Check” service.

Since its launch in September 2017 the School has provided design training and mentoring to dozens of local and national businesses including Culburra Beach Festival, Nowchem and TAFE NSW. This assistance has covered the fundamentals of good design including powerful logo development, business branding and building online presence. As a result, some of these businesses have seen an increase in revenue of over 70%*.

“Branding and design is something that every business should get right if it wants to compete effectively in today’s market”, says Shoalhaven Design School Principal, Luise Grice. “The rise of ecommerce and social media means that today’s consumers interact on a much more visual level, so businesses must ensure their visual branding and messaging works”.

The design school recently launched a ‘Design Health Check’ service targeted at businesses nation-wide that need their branding reviewed and improved. The service caters to businesses of any size or type – from single operator tradespeople, through to national and international companies.

“We want every business to shine, especially those in the Shoalhaven” says Ms Grice. “More businesses undertaking a health check will lead to a more competitive region – and a professionally looking one at that”.

For more information about The Shoalhaven Design School’s training and services, or to register for a ‘Design Health Check’, contact Luise Grice on 0419 854 369 and

John, Ash, Ann and Luise Grice after a free Shoalhaven Design School workshop

* For example, statistics from client Cimador Bathrooms indicate that business increased by more than 70% as a result of website development completed by Shoalhaven Design School. 

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