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Breaking the Rules

Artists and designers can be a rebelious bunch. We strive to seperate ourselves from the norm and we are known for thinking outside the box.

However ..

If we want to think outside the box we need to learn the parameters of the box – how else can we be sure we’re thinking outside of it?

Are there rules of good design? YES.
Does good design always follow the rules? NO.

Once you learn the rules of design – their benefits and effects – you will be better equipped to know how to effectively break the rules!

In our Introduction to Web and Graphic Design course, we explain and explore both rule-following and rule-breaking in design. We give you tips to throw design caution to the wind and give you creative exercises to help push your creativity to the next level.

This course is all about the rules of great design and implementing awesome ideas to break those rules.

Some of the topics include:

  • Designing on Gut Instinct
  • Finding and Using Inspiration
  • Learning Design Rules

and of course..

  • Breaking Design Rules

Start learning how to break the rules today!

Download our Intro to Web and Graphic Design – Course Structure.

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