Design Tips

Simple Tips for Head-Turning Design

Welcome to our ‘Design Tips’ page where we give you tips, tricks and articles on design ideas and best practices.

Get to Know the Starting Point 

When you design, do not allow the elements to ‘just happen’. Develop an active awareness of the relationships that are occurring between each component in a layout or image. Practiced consciously – this awareness becomes second nature to a designer or artist.

The most important design elements you need to create head-turning design are:

  • typography
  • colour
  • layout
  • ways to design for success

Master the 3C’s – Components, Composition and Concept – to achieve head-Turning Design!


The first of the 3C’s of design is ‘components’, where you learn how to make the most of the placement and relationships between the more integral components used in design. These include:

  • photography
  • illustrations
  • icons
  • typography
  • lines
  • decoration
  • borders
  • backgrounds


The second of the 3C’s of design is learning how to combine the components of design in visually appealing ways by using the principles of design to create pleasing and cohesive designs. These include:

  • placement
  • grouping
  • alignment
  • flow
  • spacing


And finally, the third of the 3C’s of design is the ‘concept’. Learning concept will give you an understanding of how to utilise intangible elements like themes, connotations and style to present and deliver your message in a way that will ‘wow’ your clients every time.


Some reference and inspiration for our design tips has come from industry renown and award-winning designer, Jim Krause.

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