What We Do

We help individuals, businesses and schools prosper through design education.

Learning how to design is important in this day and age where everything is visual – Instagram, Facebook etc. What really helps is creating designs that look professional and tell your story.

In our ‘design-centric’ courses and workshops we show you how to create your own personal design aesthetic as well as build strong design skills for personal or business application.

We teach you how to use powerful design applications so you can prosper!

Can’t believe how easy it was! It’s amazing how easy something is in Photoshop when you’re shown.
You’re the best!

Steven White, ABC Journalist

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Luise is an excellent, highly qualified and friendly teacher who genuinely enjoys helping others reach their potential.

Luise is also a key figure in Aether Industries’ existence. She helped me to land my first job in web development – for which I’m very grateful!

Brett from Aether Industries

I’m very grateful!